Varnar delivers solutions

We build software that meets your needs. With infrastructure that we architect from the ground up. All of this while integrating with your team.


Our work is including the software, how we architect projects, and with the right people.


Automated Staffing

Finding and retaining talent is paramount. Our resource and staffing software provides a streamlined overview of the entire process. From candidate and recruitment tracking, to metrics and analytics and revenue forecasts.


Software for SMBs

SMBs buy dedicated hardware, software and annual maintenance agreements for each software application for their business operations and to interact with their partners and suppliers. Our SMB product is a portal to help evaluate, buy and consume critical software applications.


Healthcare Applications

Our Patient Care Management Platform is targeted to help Independent Practice Associations with patient registration and scheduling, billing and storage of records, patient communications and third party integrations for extensibility.


We work with the best companies in the world

Collaborating with the most reputable and successful companies in various industries to enhance our capabilities and deliver exceptional results. Our partnerships with these industry leaders allow us to stay at the forefront of innovation and drive growth for both parties involved.